George Crest

Aka: Dad, Dr. Crest

Age: 42

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Likes: Running, Cycling, and Romantic comedies starring Julia Roberts

Dislikes: Does not appear to have any dislikes, but that might be because his wife and kids were present when we asked this question.

General Info: George is a patriarch who's kingdom has been usurped by his wife and three kids. Not that it bothers him much, as long as he can ride his bike, or go for a run, they can do what they like. George is well-respected at work and by his friends, now if only he could get the same from his family...

Elizabeth Crest

Aka: Mom, Liz, Mrs Crest, Yes dear

Age: No Comment

Occupation: Grade 3 teacher

Likes: With 3 kids, a husband and a class full of eight year olds to teach, the only thing she really looks forward to any more is peace and quiet.

Dislikes: Untidiness, laziness, Ben Affleck

General Info: Liz Rules her home and classroom with a heart of gold and a fist of iron. She gives the appearance of a normal mother, but what she loves most is to embarrass her children. She thinks that by giving them life and raising them she is entitled to a lifetime's worth of fun at their expense.

Edward Crest

Aka: Ed, Teddy (but only his mom can call him that)

Age: 14

Occupation: Surly Teenager

Likes: Sleeping, napping, resting, snoozing, dozing, slumbering, etc

Dislikes: Talking to people, listening to people, people in general

General Info: Ed was once a normal well-adjusted child, but a combination of teenage hormones and high-school has left him a grumpy, sarcastic and cynical young man of super-villain proportions. The single biggest driving force in Ed's life is the desire to avoid embarrassment. Few things embarrass Ed more than his family.


Dorothy Crest

Aka: Dot, Dotty

Age: 9

Occupation: Grade 4 student

Likes: Being in charge

Dislikes: Not being in charge

General Info: Dot's unusual name was a result of her dad, a huge Judy Garland fan, being allowed to name one of the children. He was never asked again. Calling Dot strong-willed would be like calling the sun warm. Without seeming to put in much effort, Dot has become the boss of the entire family. Undoubtedly she is destined to one day rule the world, and it will, very likely, be the better for it.

James Crest

Aka: Jimmy

Age: 6

Occupation: Grade 1 student

Likes: Playing sport, running, jumping, climbing, chatting up girls, keeping up his strict hair and skin maintenance regime, and the music of Celine Dion.

Dislikes: Sitting still for any period of time

General Info: Jimmy is a confident, boisterous six year old. An excellent sportsman, and incurable ladies man, he needs to always be involved in some sort of exciting activity or else he might very well explode from boredom. He also cares a great deal more about his appearance than what is considered normal for a boy his age.


Aka: Megs, Meggie, Hey dog

Age: 5 (35 in dog years)

Occupation: Chief floor-spill cleaner, world's worst guard-dog, and primary scapegoat for any and all bad smells.

Likes: Food (it doesn't matter what kind), pressing her cold wet nose onto any exposed skin, eating garbage and then panting heavily in peoples' faces to wake them up in the morning, and having her head scratched.

Dislikes: Baths

General Info: Meg is about as pedigree as dogs get, in fact her genetic make-up comes from an incredibly wide and numerous variety of some of the very purest breeds. What she lacks in intelligence and usefulness, she makes up for in her abundant patience and good-nature.

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