Christmas and New year is always the time for a family holiday, and nothing is more reminiscent of a family holiday than the endless fights you all have. Of course, when you look back you forget them all in a flood of nostalgia that makes you long for these "good old days".

The family Crest took a holiday too. Seen here are the preparations for departure. Dot has called shotgun on the front seat, Jimmy is arguing over the finer nuances of the laws of shotgun (someone really should write them down in a comprehensive and legally binding format), Ed is avoiding being photographed (he will look back on his teenage years as a time when he seemed to have a hand permanently in front of his face), mom is having a spot of bother with the packing, meg is afraid of traveling (and will no doubt become violently car-sick half an hour into the journey) and dad is behind the camera. The great thing about still-cameras is they don't record the yells.

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year!