I finally put a links page up to promote some really great webcomics. The creators have also been really supportive of The Family Crest, which has been a great compliment because they’re all such talented cartoonists in their own right. Check them out to see some of the great stuff that’s on the web.


Running a webcomic can be pretty hard sometimes, when no one comments and you’re not sure if people are enjoying your work. This is the only way I can think of to show people what great stuff there is on the web, entirely for free. There’s a lot more out there, so keep looking and keep supporting your favourite artists. A little comment goes a long way. Some weeks I’ve been close to giving up on the Family Crest and all it takes it a simple “like” on Facebook, or a positive comment to sooth my ego, and suddenly I’m ready to go again. So please visit these sites, and in the future, if you read something you like, write to say so, that’s all web cartoonists are after really.