Oh dear, seems like I broke another promise. Last time I wrote that I was back for good, only to go quiet for another 2 weeks. Terribly bad behaviour. My only excuse is that every time I thought my work was done I would get another call for a new illustration job, and I'm not in a financial position to turn them down. The good news (for everyone except my bank manager) is tha tthings have quietened down a bit and I can start working on The Family Crest again. As I mention in a previous posting I am thinking of cutting back to 3 strips a week. I have an idea for a new strip. As much as I love family Crest, I am not getting the sort of response to it I would like. I was hoping to be able to sell it to a newspaper or try to get some kind of return off it by now. Alas this has not be so. Unlike some of my older strips, I am not going to abandon it completely, however.

My Plan for now is to keep at it, putting up three strips a week, and use the rest of my time to work on a new strip I have been planning for nearly a year now. It will be different in that I will not be writing storylines from week to week. My plan is to have a storyline that will go over an entire year (yet each strip should be funny in it's own right). It will call on elements of two of my previous strips (Family Crest, and Freelance), both of which I enjoyed certain aspects of and feel would be silly to abandon them after I have spent so long developing them. So stay tuned for updates, I am only really starting the writing process now (although I have a good idea of where the story is going). Hopefully soon you will see a brand new, and hopefully quite unique comic strip.