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Browsing Archive: November, 2010

Dress Sense

Posted by Matt Ackermann on Wednesday, November 17, 2010,
I can’t remember if my sister every tried to marry me off to any family pets/stuffed animals/ plastic dolls that might have been lying around. But there are enough pictures of me in white dresses to suspect that when I finally do get married, the ceremony could possibly be interrupted by several irate teddy bears screaming “bigamist!”.

Never underestimate what a wonderful gift it is to be able to repress childhood memories. Now my mom only makes me relive those embarrassing moments when ...
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Games with dot

Posted by Matt Ackermann on Thursday, November 4, 2010,
This week has all been about Dot and Jimmy playing games. This is how I remember playing board games as a child, especially with my sister (and, surprisingly, continue to play with my girlfriend... maybe it's something carried in the XX chromosomes). It's amazing how the rules suddenly start to change when they start to lose. I'm not saying all girls cheat at board games, and I've never read the back of the Scrabble box, but I'm pretty sure the rules don't say they're allowed to hit you once ...
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